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As a business professional working in the energy sector in the state of Texas, you know the importance of retaining strong legal representation to protect your interests should you face a legal issue involving fraud, breach of contract, fiduciary duty breach, or some other issue.

At Herring Law Firm, the hardworking Houston oil and gas lawyer understands how to shield your rights and advance your interests in a business dispute. The firm serves clients with experience, ability, and relentless advocacy. Their first priority is your well-being. Learn more about how the attorney at Herring Law Firm is prepared to pursue justice in a case involving breach of fiduciary duty.

Fiduciary Duties & Your Rights in Texas

In any situation in which one individual is entrusted with the money or other real property of another individual, a fiduciary duty has been established. This relationship is governed by state and federal laws and is often considered the strictest duty of care recognized by the government.

Three of the most common duties – in relation to oil and gas companies – a principal may entrust his or her fiduciary with include:

  • Duty to Develop: The fiduciary is entrusted to ensure the land on which drilling may be taking place is developed properly and in accordance with both state laws and business regulations.
  • Duty to Protect Against Drainage: If a reservoir is subject to drainage from another company or property owner, the principal's rights may have been violated. It is the duty of the fiduciary to protect, to the best of his or her ability, against such violations.
  • Duty to Market: The fiduciary is entrusted by the principal to always market the company and its actions responsibly and professionally. This duty goes hand-in-hand with the underlying idea that a fiduciary must always act with the principal's best interests in mind.

Should a fiduciary abuse this position of trust and privilege, he or she is exposed to the possibility of legal action. The TX oil and gas attorney at Herring Law Firm can handle disputes involving:

  • Fiduciary breaches by business partners
  • Fiduciary duty claims over oil and gas exploration
  • Breach of contract involving oil and gas investment, development, or production

If you believe that you may have a breach of fiduciary duty claim, contact Herring Law Firm to discuss your case. You could be entitled to compensatory damages for out-of-pocket expenses, loss of profit, mental anguish, and more, in addition to potential punitive damages.

Experienced Representation on Your Side

Doing business in the oil and gas industry can be incredibly lucrative but also can carry serious risks. Each Houston Oil and Gas Lawyer at Herring Law Firm is a skilled litigator with years of hardline courtroom experience. The firm is confident in it's ability to protect your interests aggressively and effectively regardless of the level of complexity inherent in your case.

Negotiating and litigating issues involving oil and gas law requires highly concentrated knowledge in a complex area of business law. Most attorneys are not sufficiently familiar with this practice area. Often, oil and gas cases involve state laws, federal laws, and even international laws. Attorney Mason Herring has the experience and legal familiarity necessary to ensure your full confidence moving forward.

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