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Development, exploration, production, transactions, and other aspects of the oil and gas industry can function smoothly with strong contracts and agreements in place. Oil and gas development agreements are documents that can transfer interest of oil and gas to a particular party. These specific agreements serve the purpose of making the mineral estate profitable for both the landowner and gas company. It is important to fully understand the terms of these agreements so that you can know when they are being breached.

Having a reliable Houston Oil and Gas Attorney on your side who can draft an enforceable oil and gas development agreement will be incredibly important to the success of your venture. At Herring Law Firm, the firm knows that a well-written breach of oil and gas development agreement can help make certain that the agreement is upheld by all parties involved. Speak with the firm's attorney immediately if you have entered an oil and gas development contract but believe that the terms have been breached.

Have Your Mineral or Surface Rights Been Violated?

When oil and gas companies enter into agreements with mineral rights owners, they finalize the agreements by signing contracts. There are many agreements that an owner and a company can make, including lease agreements. Although lease agreements are very common in the oil and gas industry, they also are frequently points of conflict and dispute.

Common issues related to breach of oil and gas development can include:

Both parties will be obligated to uphold their sides of the agreement and will have the right to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Mineral rights owners and landowners may want to draft an agreement that addresses royalty payments, property damage, and possibly even the environmental impact that the drilling will have. The oil and gas companies will be primarily be concerned with ensuring the efficient and continuous flow of production.

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If your oil and gas development contract has been breached, or if you suspect that there has been a breach in your development agreement, Herring Law Firm can provide experienced representation for you. The oil and gas firm strives to safeguard your interests at every phase of a case and can help you achieve the results that you need. Take some time to meet with Attorney Herring in person or over the phone by scheduling your free leasehold evaluation.

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