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Unfortunately, in areas where oil and gas development is prominent, natural resources such as water and soil can become contaminated with waste, oil, and gas. The clean-up costs can total millions of dollars. If your home or property has become contaminated with oil and gas, you may be concerned about how you can hold parties responsible for the unexpected damages done to your home.

At Herring Law Firm, the oil and gas attorney has helped past clients obtain satisfactory results for contamination disputes. If you are an oil and gas company concerned about being served with a contamination suit, or if you are a landowner who wants to take action against an oil and gas company, the firm is here to fight for you! Attorney Mason Herring knows how serious contamination issues are for your personal property, for the community, for your business, and for the environment. The firm can review your particular circumstances and determine which course of action can best protect your rights during this time.

Return to Production with Herring Law Firm's Assistance

At Herring Law Firm, the attorney can represent companies, operators, and landowners in contamination litigation matters to ensure that the development of mineral resources is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. The firm can handle a wide range of pollution-related cases, including:

  • Pollution issues
  • Water contamination
  • Fracking and hydraulic fracking
  • Shale gas production
  • Hazardous waste
  • Lease agreements that can address terms to prevent future contamination problems

Litigation in these matters can take time and energy that you may not necessarily be able to afford. Herring Law Firm understands that you will want to return to normal business production so that you can remain profitable in the industry and get back to doing what you do best. They also understand that landowners deserve to be heard when contamination is taking place, their properties are being negatively affected, and their rights are being directly violated. No matter what your case may hold, Herring Law Firm can be trusted to seek a swift, efficient, and effective resolution.

Protecting Your Reputation & Your Property

While the firm takes every step possible to help clients avoid unnecessary litigation, Attorney Herring is not afraid to represent clients' rights aggressively when issues must be addressed in court. When complex matters such as contamination litigation arise, he knows the strategies of state and federal environmental agencies and can make a compelling argument on your behalf. Herring Law Firm fights for your rights so that your oil and gas development can carry on successfully with the least amount of delay and with the highest degree of confidentiality. The firm also helps landowners fight to recover damages so that their properties can be restored.

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Achieve the best possible outcome in your contamination litigation case with help from Herring Law Firm! To learn more about how the firm can be of assistance to you, contact them to schedule your free leasehold evaluation. Attorney Herring can meet with you in person or over the phone at your convenience. The firm is readily available to clients, so call at any time to determine the best course of action for your particular circumstances.


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