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If you are considering a subsurface oil and gas lease, the Houston Oil and Gas Lawyer from Herring Law Firm can be of assistance! The firm's attorney has extensive experience drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and litigating lease agreements on behalf of landowners, companies, and owners. Because Attorney Mason Herring can represent parties on either side of this type of case, he is at a particularly unique advantage to represent you.

Having a qualified legal professional at your side can make a world of difference in your lease agreement. With Attorney Herring's insider knowledge of common techniques that an opponent can take, he can create a compelling argument on your behalf to help secure the best possible lease terms. The firm strives to create a contract that can benefit your finances and protect your best interests!

What is a subsurface oil and gas lease?

A subsurface gas or oil lease is a specific type of agreement that is made between a landowner and an oil or gas company. In the state of Texas, land ownership can be split into two distinct sets of rights: mineral rights and surface ownership rights. A subsurface oil and gas agreement can lease a landowner's mineral rights, surface ownership rights, or both to an oil and gas company. Once an agreement is made, the company will be granted the right to explore, develop, and produce oil or gas from subsurface deposits of oil and gas. In exchange, the landowner can receive financial compensation in the form of royalties or lease bonuses.

Herring Law Firm can help you avoid common mistakes of lease agreements and provide effective legal guidance as you decide the terms of an oil and gas agreement. If you are considering an oil and gas lease, there will be no room for error, and the firm can help you review all lease elements, including:

  • Royalties and royalty beneficiaries
  • Primary terms and termination
  • Disclosure of any fracking practices
  • Disputes involving quiet title of mineral interests
  • Pipeline leases
  • Terms to help avoid unnecessary contamination litigation
  • Breach of contract

Effective Representation from a Trusted Firm

Remember, just because you have been offered a lease does not mean that you have to accept it. Do not sign on the dotted line until you have spoken with a trusted Texas subsurface oil and gas lease lawyer from Herring Law Firm! If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by an oil and gas company, or if you need assistance negotiating the terms of your lease agreement, contact Herring Law Firm today. The firm offers free consultations and would be happy to conduct a meeting in person or over the phone for your convenience.

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